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The New Norm

As the state is gradually starting Phase 1 of reopening, we are all wondering how the dance world will look with the "new norm".

At Formation Studios, we are formulating a safety plan to ensure our community can thrive while still feeling supported and taken care of.

Right now we are opening our doors to PRIVATE RENTALS.

Instructors are also allowed to have a TEACHER'S ASSISTANT.

The 1st registered student for each class has the option to come to the studio and assist the instructor with the virtual class.

Strict guidelines on the number of guests, scheduling, and social distancing will be enforced to ensure the quality of sanitation in our building.

If you are interested in being a Teacher's Assistant or just taking up space in one of our beautiful studios, please feel free to contact us for rates and info.

We look forward to having more movement, energy, and life brought to our precious space.

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